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  • Image of MOLECULE - Tévennec --  ONLY VINYL
  • Image of MOLECULE - Tévennec --  ONLY VINYL
  • Image of MOLECULE - Tévennec --  ONLY VINYL


Vinyl Limited edition - 500 px

A new dream come true ...
Helicoptered in May 2021 for an exceptional residence on the haunted Lighthouse of Tévennec, Molecule signs a novel project, mystical at will, straight out from the shadows.
Faithful to his artistic dogma, the artist has entirely composed this album located in Tévennec's lair, at the gates of hell.
An Electronic and Ambient musical manifesto, stuffed with soundfield recordings: a rift towards the beyond.

A grim reputation.
Totally isolated and uninhabited lighthouse since 1910, Tévennec is a cursed place ... All kinds of stories and legends are told about it: guardians who get insane, others who died brutally ... voices, lugubrious cries loaned to the souls of the many castaways who died on the islet would be heard...

A unique approach
Molecule brought with him a set up of original instruments to capture the waves and the special energy of the place:
- A modular synthesizer, a Theremin, a bunch of FX pedals and devices sensitive to vibrations, magnetic modulations, temperature changes, drops in atmospheric pressure...
- Microphones of all kinds: stereo condenser microphones, contact microphones, magnetic microphones, contact microphones, shotgun microphones...
All this with one goal in mind: make this place / sanctuary and its spirits speak.
These recordings constitute the raw material of all the compositions of the album.


1. 1875

2. Finistère

3. Lumières

4. Fantômes

5. La Chaussée

6. Raz de Sein

7. Roche

8. Le Feu

9. Brume

10. Flamme

Composed by Molecule
Recorded and produced in Tévennec Lighthouse - Brittany - FRANCE - May 2021
Published by Les Editions Stigmates
(p) & (c) 2021 MILLE FEUILLES records 
Ref : MF057

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